Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treet!

Halloween was so much fun this year. Jason dressed up like a cowboy and Jordyn was his horse. I was going to be a pig, but just didn't have the I went with the bunny ears instead.

In the morning we stopped at Lehi Junior High to visit Grandma Sue Sue and the lunch ladies. They all thought Jordyn was so cute! The girl's P.E. class was doing a dance thing in the lunchroom and Jordyn loved watching them. She was even dancing a long. Silly girl!

For lunch we went to Jason's work party. They had Chile and soup, tons of bread, and lots of yummy desserts. Jordyn went to each person's desk to trick or treat. She would walk in and then hold out her hand for some candy. After that she would wave and then head to the next office.

In the afternoon we stopped at the hospital to visit Great Grandpa Halladay. He loved Jordyn's costume and she was waving and blowing him kisses.

For our night time fun we went to a neighborhood party. It was raining a I was a major party-pooper. I just don't like being wet and cold, but Jordyn had a great time. She was just walking around eating food and watching all the other kids in their costumes.

The last stop for the night was at my Mom and Dad's house. We ate pizza with them and Julie and Jesse. it was a great day. Jordyn was so tired that night that she slept until 9:30 on Saturday morning.



Liz said...

Aw, what a sweet little horsey you have! Sounds like you had a great Halloween. :)

Diana and Fam said...

Holy cow! You had one busy day! She looks so cute in her little horsey costume!

Jamee Fuller said...

Jordyn's costume was adorable! Miss you guys!

camille said...

Oh my gosh! She is so dang cute in that horse costume! And I just love her in the hot dog costume from last year too! I have to know where you got it!