Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Bye Trees!

Last Saturday we finally got our trees cut down. They are/were Chinese Elms. If you know anything about trees you'll know that in Utah these trees are also know as "Junk Trees". Jason's Uncle Don came to help. He's the expert in all things...we're glad that he could help.

Uncle Don wasn't the only one. We were very lucky to have lots of help. So a big THANK YOU to Dad, Terry, Hayden, Jake, Braxton, Jesse, Josh, Mom, Leslie, two neighbors, and Julie (for helping with the girls.)There were three trees on the east side of the house. Here are two of them. We still have to get the stumps out.
Here's the tree in the back. It was huge! Oh, and it "killed" the playhouse. Oops!
And here is our supply of firewood. I wonder how long it will take to burn all of this?

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Katy said...

Ooooo we could use a crew to help take ours out too! Only, ours is over a power line and I'm not sure how we'll ever do it.