Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Favorite Movie

So, I know I did a lot of posts today, but I needed to catch up. Here is a new video of Jordyn. She is just so funny...well, to me anyway.

We watch "Mary Poppins" at least twice a day. I know that one day she'll change favorites and I'll be wishing it was "Pop" again.


Katy said...

Ryann just watched that 5 times! So cute. I really miss our Mary Poppins phase. Ryann still sings the songs with an umbrella but she doesn't ask for the show anymore.

Amy said...

Mary Poppins is a classic and I'm glad she's going through this phase. :) That's adorable.

Abbie said...

She is so cute Sara!! Those baby blues and her blonde hair just kinda suck you in :) Glad to see you guys are doing well