Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Needed: A More Creative Title

I found this awesome blog that I totally love. She makes hair doing look so dang easy. Today, I tried out a couple things. Here's the back of Tessa's head. Cute right! It was pretty fun, and really easy. BUT I couldn't get the clips to stay in, so it fell out a few times.
And Jordyn's head... I really wanted to try this cute hair headband thing, but Jordyn has very thin hair in the front. So we went with these twisty pigtail things.
And here they are...all dressed in matchy matchy clothes. Of course, then Jordyn wanted to make a video. This seems to be her new stage because she wants to do it everyday. ((Yes Tessa copies EVERYTHING Jordyn says - that is her current stage... Plus, I'm really sorry about the flipping off finger that might currently be displayed below.))

Friday we leave for Rexburg. Nonie is graduating! So, we're going up for the big day. The girls are SO excited. I'm not sure if they're more excited to watch movies in the car or swim in the pool. We'll find out soon enough.

Happy Weekend!


Amy said...

So adorable! You are a hair artist!

sisterwendy said...

Your girls made me giggle in their video! They are so cute. I love how Tessa repeated everything her big sister said and did. so sweet. Give Nonie a big old hug from me! I am so proud of her! Love that girl. xoxoxoxo

Leslie said...

I loved the video! They are so cute! Me and Josh laughed so hard its so cute. :)

Jessica Havican said...

Love it! And I'm so jealous you have hair to work with!!

Stefanie said...

I love that Jordyn is flipping us all off in the last one! ha ha!