Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Went To The Park

The weather was so nice today. Such a nice change for once. We decided to go to the park for a couple hours. The kids had tons of fun. Kara even came for a few minutes to play.I think Tessa went down the slide 30 times. She loved it. She loves anything that lets her be free and do what she wants.We had a few hard moments...I love this picture. Tessa - free. Heber - wants Kara. Jordyn - singing to her own little tune. (You should hear some of the stuff she makes up.)Houston had a good day too, even though he slept the entire time at the park.

And, before I forget. Jordyn told me today that when she grows up she wants to be a "little kid hair cutter." I asked her what her shop was going to be like and this is what she said, all I remember any way. It will be shaped like a triangle and painted blue. It was have three doors: one for moms and dads, one for kids, and one for babies. They will sit in chairs shaped like rockets and cars and fruit. When they are done she will give them cookie dough to give to their moms. She is such a hoot!


sisterwendy said...

Such great pictures to document your day! The kids looked like they were (mostly) having a wonderful time. (every time we would go to the park, at least one of the kids would have a "hard time":) I think Jordyn's little kid hair cutter shop sounds pretty impressive! I'd definitely take all my little kids there! I hope she'll let Grandmas go through one of those doors :) xoxoxo

Jessica Havican said...

we went to the park too yesterday! i love when it's sunny out! Jordyn says the cutest things!