Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day And Stuff

Jason had young men's tonight so it was just me and the girls. Jordyn always asks to watch a movie on nights when Jason isn't here. Actually, she always wants to watch a movie. Tonight it was Aristocats. About 25 minutes in they were both asleep.
Mother's Day was really nice. Jason and the girls picked out this planter for me. We spent most of the afternoon at Jason's parents house where Jason and Terry made a great dinner. It was fun and relaxing.

Of coarse the flowers are purple (Tessa's favorite color). I'm a sucker for flowers. I love them! Jason has been working hard in our yard. We were able to order a bunch of flowers from Spring Hill Nursery this year. I can't wait to post pictures of our yard later on this summer. Anyway, last year we wanted to plant some Raspberry plants. We picked the spot and started composting. We put everything in the pile. Food, old plants, food...it was gross. Here's our finished project...

After awhile Jason noticed we were getting weeds. We didn't understand it. Nothing had been growing here. Plus we had this red mulch bark stuff. He was pulling them out all of the time. I even helped a little, but they kept growing and growing. Turns out they are sunflowers. When we had pulled out all of the dead stuff from the front yard last year we piled it up and that included our sunflower stalks. The seeds dropped and now we have this....

The spring is turning out great, you know, besides the broken arms, fevers, coughing, and pneumonia. I'm loving all the work Jason is doing in the yard. (HA!) I'm excited to feel well enough to get out there with him. We have high hopes and big plans for all of the projects we want to finish this year. My biggest one: a finished (with grass) back yard.

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