Friday, May 6, 2011

This Lovely Week

Monday Jason got off to work a little late and I got out of bed a little late. I didn't shower before Julie brought the boys over. BIG MISTAKE! If I don't shower before they come...I don't shower. So, I was in my bathrobe all day. (Yeah, the smart person inside of me would have at least put on some sweats and a bra.) The day was long and horrible with naughty little girls who didn't listen to their Mama all day. Plus I wasn't feeling well. So, I called Jason to come home early. I begged and he did, even though it totally messed up his work schedule. That night I went and got some wheat grass - hoping to kick my cold in the butt. ((Didn't work!!))

Tuesday I was feeling a little worse, but we made it to dance and preschool. (I even showered before Julie dropped off the boys.) The day was better, except Jason wasn't feeling well at all. He stayed home from work and went to the doctor. He had a sinus infection. In the afternoon we went to Jake's baseball game. It was SO cold. The wind was blowing like crazy. After the game Jason went to scouts and I got the girls in bed. That night I was not doing well, but didn't think much of it.

Wednesday morning I could barely move myself from my bed to the couch. At 10:30 the girls kept telling me they were hungry so I got down a box of Capri Suns and a package of fish crackers. That's all they had until my sister, Julie, picked them up around 12:30. Around 1:30 I called Jason at work and once again begged him to come home. He took me to the doctor and dun da da dun PNEUMONIA. What the? I felt like crap so I spent the rest of the day/evening sleeping on the couch. At around 7:00 (I think) I woke up to Tessa screaming hysterically and Jason saying something about her arm being broken. Then I asked him to hand me my strawberry lemonade from Sonic and I spilled it ALL OVER the carpet. It was a huge mess. He was gone to the Urgent Care for a long time. My sister, Leslie, came over and cleaned my carpet and my house. Jason came back with my little baby all bandaged up and the news that she broke her (left) arm right above her wrist.

Thursday was pretty uneventful. Oh wait. No it wasn't. Jordyn woke up in a terrible mood. She was crying a lot and whining. It was annoying. It was her fake birthday at preschool so Jason took her to Wal-Mart to pick out treats. (She has a summer birthday.) They came back and I could tell he was "done" with her. After a while she started to complain about being cold all over. We checked and she had a fever of 100.4. Poor kid. She was devastated. So we called Miss Heidi. She talked to Jordyn and made her feel much better. Later that night Jordyn's fever was up to 102.2 and she barfed in the tub when I was attempting to give her a bath. (Jason was gone to round table and Tessa was with Nonie.) By this time we were wondering what else would go wrong.

Friday (today) was pretty normal. I am feeling about 68.3% better. Jordyn slept til 10:30 and she seems to be doing fine. Tessa doesn't complain much about her arm. Jason, besides coughing a ton, seems better too. We - and by we I mean Jason - planted a bunch of flowers and plants in the yard. He went and took his CPA test this morning. And I watch about 6 episodes of GLEE. Then it happened, that one more thing, which really isn't that big of a deal, but very traumatic for little girls. Jordyn fell into the fence and got about 15 slivers. So, we sat on the lawn for 15 minutes telling stories and playing games while Jason dug them out.

That's it. It's enough I think.

video translation (Tessa's words only):
"Hi Tessa!" - "I feel down."
"hmmm." (This roughly translated means yes...she says it all the time."
"Slide." - "hmmm." - "Doctor." - "hmmm."
"Put a bandaid on me." - "hmmm."
"Scooby Doo." - "Yeah, Snoopy." - "Purple."
"hmmm." - "Hi Mama." - "Yeah." - "Yeah."

It made me laugh at the end when I told her to blow me a kiss she tries to with her broken arm, but can't so she switches. Silly girl. Love her! Love the other. Love him!


Jessica Havican said...

Wow, talk about a rough week! If you ever need a break, I'll come up and watch your girls anytime!

Jess said...

I'm so sorry your week was so bad but Huntley loves this video. She keeps wanting to watch it over and over and saying "oh no ouch"

Jamee Fuller said...

Oh Sara, I am so sorry that you had such a rough week. I hope that you, Jason and the girls are feeling 100% better next week. :)