Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lead Me, Guide Me

Today my Grandpa Halladay passed away. It's hard to explain how you can feel so sad about something, but also be so happy. I'm grateful for eternal families. I know that my Grandma and Grandpa are together right now, and oh so happy. I can just hear Grandma asking him why it took him so long.

It's been a hard crazy day. We had Jordyn's dance recital and tonight is Heber's birthday. Plus Jason is getting ready for scout camp and I'm trying to help with that. On the way home from the dance recital I was crying. I know Grandpa is standing up strait now, catching up with family and old friends and basking in the light of the Savior. But I'm sad for me. I will miss him.

Anyway, on the drive home, the girls were fighting and I was crying and Jason was holding my hand and then, all of a sudden, they stopped. They started singing "I am a child of God" and their little voices were so cute and so sweet and so happy. Jordyn said she wanted to see Grandpa Great. Telling her was hard, but I think she understood. She asked how he got into heaven and if he was happy. Jason asked her what she thought and she said that she knew he was very happy.

What a blessing it is to know that Heavenly Father loves me so much to send me two sweet little girls who can help me understand that we are indeed Children of God. That He loves us. That He wants us to return home to live with Him. And that He has given us a "family kind and dear" to help us make it.


Chantal Marie said...

So sorry for your loss. What a great man. He will be missed but you're right, your grandma has waited long enough. How blessed we are to have an understanding of eternal families.

Melissa said...

When you said Grandma will ask Grandpa what took him so long I smiled. Totally sounds like her. I too thought of grandpa standing up straight with a huge smile on his face. He missed grandma so much! We are very lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. We have so many memories!

Jessica Havican said...

I am sorry for your loss, but I love that you and Jason used this as a teaching opportunity for your girls. It's amazing the peace the gospel brings.

Diana and Fam said...

That is so sweet! Children are such a blessing! Sorry to hear about your Grandpa, death is never an easy thing. I can't imagine how much harder it would be without the gospel. Hang in there.

Jesse and Julie said...

I like to picture Grandpa playing football with Aaron. :) With Grandma cheering them on. Love ya.