Saturday, June 25, 2011

Los Hermanos and Dance

Jason and I were feeling like Los Hermanos. We borrowed shirts from Camie and Janae for the girls. They were HUGE on them! The girls loved their specialty drinks. It was so fun to help them pick and let them drink, even before eating their dinner.Jordyn had her dance recital on the 11th of June. She loved all of the attention. She did great. It was fun to help her dress up and do her make-up. She was so proud of herself. Here she is with her friend Sophia. Megan and Nonie gave Jordyn flowers. SPOILED!

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Diana and Fam said...

Her dance outfit is so cute! I had no idea that Los Hermanos still did the free drink with a shirt deal! That is too cool! Too bad I don't have my shirt anymore :( LOL Now I am craving me some too!