Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up to find a note from Santa and some coloring books. Santa told us to go to church and learn about Jesus...you'd think I would have gotten a picture of that.

Church was really great. Great songs. Great testimonies. We're so blessed to have the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. The girls were reverent, really reverent. It was an amazing meeting!
When we got home we changed into our jeans and got ready to see what Santa brought. Tessa had already peaked, so I guess her milk was the most important thing on her mind.

Daddy was in charge of the video camera.

Jordyn was thrilled!

Tessa was thrilled-ish.

After all of our presents were opened we found some bikes in the closet. That tricky Santa! Jordyn was super happy....and I didn't get a picture of Tessa. (Good One Mom!)

After we played with our new toys at home for a little while we went up to Papa T and Gammy's house for breakfast burritos and more presents. (Again, no pictures....)

Then we went to Grandpa Day and Sue Sue's. More presents, more fun, and what...surprise surprise - NO PICTURES!

We were so blessed to have such an awesome Christmas. Our girls were spoiled rotten, so were Jason and I. I'm thankful for my family, for great memories, and most importantly for my Savior, Jesus Christ. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Diana and Fam said...

What a fun Christmas!! By the way... you can blame no pictures on being pregnant because I did the same thing!! I am so kicking myself for it too! lol