Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Day, Maybe....

....I'll laugh about this
She pulled up her own sleeve to show me this. Then she told me that now she has two casts.

She thinks she's so dang cute.

Seriously don't know what to do with this kid. She surprises me every day. For real. She would rather be cutting up paper, playing little people, or folding clothes with me than watching TV. For dinner tonight she ate one quarter of her sandwich and an entire orange. She says she's still a baby and hates the toilet. She asks to help me do the dishes. What a kid!

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noniepony said...

Ahahahahahaha. I got the biggest kick out of this. That girl has got some brains! And she looks so grown up in that last picture. She is definitely not a baby anymore!

I like her new cast colors. Also, did Jordyn paint Tessa's nails? Haha.

Oh man, I miss you guys so much!