Monday, September 10, 2012


How...we make salsa, how my kids entertain themselves...and lots of other things I'm sure you're dying to know. However, maybe I should call this post "How my kids drive me crazy" because today has been one of those days. Tessa pooped her pants. Jordyn keeps talking in a baby voice. Asher is fussy from his teeth. Jason is working late tonight. Plus, my dinner that I was hoping would be awesome, didn't turn out.
Last Monday we made our first batch of salsa. This salsa is from a recipe that my Dad has used forever and we love it. We decided to see if we could make it on our own. It takes about five house from start to finish. Jason did all of the tomatoes while I chopped onions, peppers, and garlic.
After everything gets put together you have to cook it down for about two hours. It's hot and you have to stir almost constantly.
The kids did pretty good keeping themselves entertained. Jordyn is always fine if she can play on one of the Kindles.

 Tessa is content making HUGE art messes.
And Asher loves his swing. Well, he loved it. Now when I try to put him in it he gets a little mad. I guess two hours swinging was enough for him.

Our first batch was a good learning experience and it went well enough that we made another batch on Saturday. It went much faster, and even though we didn't start until 9:30pm it was better to have the kids in bed.
This is how we take baths. Asher loves the tub. He could stay in all day.

He loves the tub, but he doesn't love getting new teeth. Poor kid.
How do we get to preschool and kindergarten? In the van! This was Tessa and Heber's first day of school. They were both super excited.

Tessa LOVED it! I can't believe how big she is.
On Wednesday Tessa learned how to do stretches at Gymnastics. She hasn't stopped talking about it, and asking when her next class is.

This is how Asher sleeps. I take the blanket off of his face and he puts it back on. It's a fun game.
When Jordyn is at school Tessa gets the house to herself. Or, I guess the TV to herself. She usually chooses Dora.

And look at my big boy. This is how he holds his bottle. Oh I love him!

Really I love them all. I love the funny things they say. I love hearing about their days and seeing them play together. Some days are hard, but worth it!
And last of all....this is HOW Jordyn dances. Enjoy!


Rachey Elder said...

Your kids are too cute! I cant believe how big Asher is! Also, that salsa looks too yummy. I may have to get the recipe.

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

Asher and his blanket sleeping reminds me of Scott. He slept that way. Goofy kid.

Jesse and Julie said...

"How" do you do it all!! =)

Katy said...

Good job making salsa! you guys are awesome. I LOVE Jordyn's dancing. So fun!