Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Weekend

The first week of school has come and gone. Jordyn is doing really great at calling Miss Hunter "Miss Hunter" instead of Nonie. Tessa is getting really excited to start preschool on Tuesday. We went to Miss Heidi's open house on Thursday night and she loved seeing her hook for her backpack, and the bathroom. ((Let's all just hope she doesn't have any accidents at school!))

Asher started sitting up. He loves to play with toys on the floor. I can hardly believe how big he is getting. Both of his bottom teeth have cut through and he is getting his top teeth now. He gets a little fussy sometimes, but he loves to be cuddled and held so he calms down pretty quick with a little bit of attention.

Jordyn is constantly asking me to take her picture. Usually she strikes a pose.
((Look Twins! We rearranged the furniture.))

Another Pose. This time at the University Mall near the tree house. We went to play Friday night with Megan and Hallie while the Daddies went hunting.

Asher took his first swing in Papa T's swing. He LOVED it. He even fell asleep for a while. Until Tessa screamed. She's loud.

The girls always have a great time playing on the trampoline. What would we do with out it?
((When we were trying to get the girls to hold still to take this picture I told them it was for MeMe and LaLa and Hallie started saying LaLa over and over again. It was super cute!))

And the best surprise of all???
Tonight when Jason went to check for eggs he found TWO! We're so excited. Our chickens took a little break from laying eggs this past week because we stressed them out by removing the roosters. At least that's what the Internet said happened. We were worried they would never lay again, but our worries are over.

Life is pretty crazy and busy around here, and yet sometimes I still feel bored. What's wrong with me? I should learn to enjoy the quiet moments. Not only to we have Kindergarten and Preschool this next week, but Tessa starts gymnastics on Wednesday and Jordyn starts Broadway Bound on Thursday. I am so excited for both of them. I know they are going to love it!

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