Monday, September 24, 2012

Kids All Around

It seems like there are kids everywhere around here. The best part is, I love it. I've been trying really hard lately to have a better attitude about motherhood. I hate to say that I haven't always been happy about staying home all day. I get frustrated easily. I sometimes yell way too much. But these last few weeks I've been thinking more about how time passes way too fast. I want to enjoy these days with my kids. I want to remember the cute things they say. The funny outfits they choose. The things they love, and hate. My attitude makes such a huge difference. And I know that seems like such a simple thing, and much easier said than done. Jordyn cries all the time lately. Tessa doesn't listen. And Asher has started to cry when I walk out of the room. But I love them!
Tessa loves Asher. She is so good to play with him.
Jason made quiche.
Jordyn is the big laundry helper around here. These clothes are wet. She just wanted to see how much she could hold at one time.
Heber and Houston came to dinner on Sunday. Julie and Jesse celebrated their 7 year anniversary! It was so fun to have them here. Houston was my little buddy the entire time and Heber was running around like such a little man.
Asher *almost* fell off the couch.
I started babysitting my nephew, Carter. He is six days older than Asher so It was pretty much like having twins around here. Getting Jordyn to school was a challenge...she ended up being 5 minutes late. ((Thank goodness Miss Hunter is a family friend.)) I better step up my game a little.

Speaking of kindergarten...Jordyn loves it. She is so dang smart. I love working on reading with her, and seeing her little brain try to figure out what she is looking at. Today we were reading and she would point to the words as we read and say all the ones that she knew. (and, to, he, a, I, Jack, you, the) I loved books when I was younger, I still do, and I love watching her really get into stories page after page.

Tessa, on the other hand, is our number girl. When we work on letters with her she seems distracted. She makes up sounds even though she knows the answers. Yesterday Jason tried for 30 minutes to play an ABC game with her. After that I gave her a numbers game to try. You match a picture of a watermelon with a number on it to the watermelon with that number of seeds. She was so fast! She would just look at them and match them up. I could hardly believe it!
So here's to another week of life around here!
Come what may....and love it.

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Jesse and Julie said...

Cheers to that! =)
P.S. You are one of the BEST Moms I know!! Love ya.