Thursday, October 11, 2012


Once again, we've been busy around here, only this time I don't have any pictures to prove it. Today I took the kids to Thanksgiving Point. We went with Julie, Heber, Houston, Harper, Carter, Jaymie, Jaxon, and Camren. I think we would have looked crazy if there wasn't a million other kids there. It was crazy! They had a witch doing story time, there was a fun obstacle course, a ring toss, croquet, plus the pony and wagon rides. The kids had fun. Even Heber rode a pony all by himself. I was so proud of him.

When we got home Jordyn had to hurry and change so she could go to Broadway Bound. Then tonight Jordyn and Tessa got to have a "Late Over" with their friend Sophia, who lives across the street. I could hear them crying as they walked home. They were so sad that they had to come home, but so tired. I think there were asleep in three minutes.

Last weekend Jordyn and I went on a special trip with Norah and Nonie. We left Friday and drove to Las Vegas. We stayed with Norah's brother, Tom, and his family. On Saturday we got to go to Wicked! I loved it, and so did Jordyn. It was so fun to get away for a couple of days. Jason planned it all for me, which was a super surprise. I guess I can't complain again about hunting...this year.

Yesterday, in the car, we were listening to talk radio. People were calling in to share their thoughts about President Obama and Mitt Romney. Someone called in and said that Obama is like the clown at all of your kids' parties. I didn't realize that Jordyn was listening until she said, "Mom, is this real life?" Yes I a what is she talking about sort of way. "No it's not, because he never came to any of my birthdays!" She was talking about Obama. HA! So I asked her if she knew who Obama was and she shrugged her shoulders and said, "A clown."

Later that day she asked if Santa was coming to our house for Christmas. I told her yes, but asked if we could get passed Halloween before we started planning Christmas. "But Mom, I really want him to bring me a scooter and I was just wondering if it was too soon to start writing him." She is just like me....always planning.

I loved Conference last weekend. I was especially excited to hear President Monson's announcement changing the missionary age to 18 for young men and 19 for young women. I watch my children grow and I just can't help but feel a great responsibility to prepare them, to teach them. I know how important the Gospel is and I know that there are so many people waiting to be taught. What an amazing time we live in!

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