Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I've been thinking about this blog for the past few weeks. Months, really. I think I get overwhelmed with the idea of being a perfect writer. I want to tell amazing stories about being a mother, about challenging moments, and about personal victories. I want to write like C Jane Kendrick, Nie Nie, and Shawni. I want to write about things that are important to me, but then I find myself backing down because I'm scared. Mostly about what other people will think, but also, I'm scared to be honest.

Does that happen to you? Do you want to share things about yourself that you know some people might not like?

One day I'm going to look back at my blog and be so sad that I didn't write anything for 5 months. I'm going to wonder what happened with my kids, and how I felt about my day, and what Jason and I did on our dates. I might even wonder what we argued about, and how many times I had to clean up after Asher, and what Jordyn was learning in school.

Time passes quickly. Much faster than I like.  I want to do better. I'm going to change. I just need to remember that my story is important to me. That I don't need to compare myself to anyone. I can write for me, and for my kids.

Here's to happy writing. May my days be filled with things to share.

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