Wednesday, March 13, 2013

October 2012

As I look back on all of the pictures in my camera I am in awe at how much our kids have changed. October was fun, and busy. I was baby sitting my nephew, Carter. Poor kid was attacked by his cousins and a box of hair things. He was a good sport! And now, I have blackmail.
Asher and Carter are going to be best buddies.
These two kids get a hold of my camera and go to town taking pictures. This is 1 of about 100.
We spent a lot of time at the high school during October. We loved watching Jason's brothers, Hayden and Jake, play football for the Vikings.
In October, Asher started to stand up to furniture.
And Tessa...started wearing oven mitts and shoes.
Halloween was awesome. Julie planned an awesome party and Sue Sue and Grandpa Day's. Here are all the cousins. Jordyn (Witch) Cameron (Skeleton) Tessa ( Bumble Bee) Harper (Cute) Heber (Fire Man) Houston (Puppy) Carter (Lion) Jaxon (Monkey) and Asher (Tiger).
My kids are too cute!
Most of the time.
A Nun, a Priest, a Witch, a Bee, and a Tiger walk into a Bar.
Just Kidding.
The twinner cousins.
At the party we ate donuts off of strings, carved pumpkins, and had a costume contest. It was so much fun!
We had our own pumpkin carving party at home one night. The girls were really good sports. They did way better than I would have. Yuck!
Happy Halloween!

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Jamee Fuller said...

Love the nun costume. Love it. Glad you are doing well!