Saturday, September 12, 2009

Doctor Visits

Today was a super busy day! This morning Jason got up a little extra early and took Trigger up to the Utah Humane Society. NO we didn't give him away. He had to have his "boy parts" surgery. Now he gets to have this "collar of shame" (as Jason calls it) for 10 days. Poor dog! But it had to be done... Next, the girls. Jordyn had her two year appointment today. She did so great. I had been preparing her for awhile. I'm totally into telling her the truth...the whole truth about some things. So, I told her about the shots she would be getting. She was totally okay with the shot thing because I told her about the bandaid she would also be getting. She's so funny.
Anyway, I also told her about how the doctor checks her eyes and looks in her ears and mouth and listens to her heart. When she was all done with the doctor, who she kept calling the dentist, he put her down on the ground and she said, "Mama, no my heart!" She is so smart....and of course after that he listened to her heart.
She weighs 31.5 pounds (91.54%) and is 35.25 inches tall (85.34%). Oh, and in case you were wondering Trigger weighs 54 pounds!
Both of the girls also got flew shots. Lucky them, right!
So, here are a couple pictures of Jordyn from tonight. We gave her some yogurt and while Jason and I were in the other room with Tessa she painted herself, and the table. Silly Silly Girl!


Diana and Fam said...

I hate shots too, and it is nice to know that my 1 year old isn't the only one that puts the yogurt all over herself and the table! lol

Jessica Havican said...

What a smart girl Jordyn is!! I love that approach about preparing her for what's to come. I'm going to use that same approach with my kids. Thanks for sharing!