Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nine Months

Yup! My little baby is nine months old (yesterday). I can hardly believe how fast time goes. Here's a little video....every one of her moods in only one minute. Pretty impressive! Friday is her doctor appointment so I'll post her stats then. Enjoy!


Carolina said...

wow como pasa el tiempo!Que linda esta tessa, es impresionante como pueden cambiar su humor tan rapido. un gran abracito para ella y muchos besos!

Jessica Havican said...

That is hilariously cute! I guess she's preparing you for her girl mood swings. We women all know how that one goes... I guess men do too! LOL!

The Larson Family said...

She is so adorable. How in the world did you get those cute pig tails in a wiggly baby?! I guess you have some practice, but seriously, I have tried and failed miserably to do anything, but get a headband on Aliya's head.