Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun stuff about Jordyn

Friday Jordyn learned how to be on her belly in the tub. She starts at the bottom, pushes with her legs, and then makes a HUGE mess on my bathroom floor. What a silly kid. And, do you see her red nose? She fell and got a carpet burn only hours before I took them to get their pictures taken. Luckily you couldn't notice to much in the pictures.Jordyn's new favorite game is to help Mommy and Daddy cook. She loves to stir or put in the seasonings. Saturday morning she made pancakes with Jason. When we got married Jason's Grandma Janice made this apron for me. Jordyn loved it so much and she thought she was pretty cool to have an apron on just like Daddy.

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The Larson Family said...

Cute! Jayden loves to play on his tummy in the tub too. Those puppies are darling. My husband would be jealous.