Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandma Norah's Doll

Okay, so, Jason's Mom let Jordyn borrow a doll. It is a boy doll. We know that because he has ALL his parts. Jordyn loves him. He is plastic and heavy, but he looks like a real baby. He even has a diaper. (Good thing, because, again, he has ALL his parts!)

Well, like I said, Jordyn loves this doll. When other kids come to play she will not let them touch him. When we tell her she can take a toy with her in the car she usually picks this doll. Whenever I feed Tessa, she feeds her baby. He even burps...and she makes the appropriate sounds too.

Today, for nap time, Grandma Norah's Doll had to go with her to bed.

The other thing I wanted to add about Jordyn is about shoes. She Loves Them! Usually, when I don't care to much, I let her pick which shoes she wants to wear. I'm not sure that a 19 month old child should have 9 choices of shoes, but she does. Well, these are the shoes that Jordyn picked today. They are two sizes too big...AND you can't see it, but she has on BRIGHT RED socks. She picked those too. (I thought Jason would especially enjoy this picture because he likes these shoes more than me.)

My Little Tessa....she doesn't do much, but she sure is cute. Here she is in the dress she wore on Sunday. Jordyn never wore it, not once. We just had so many dresses for her and by the time we tired it one her it was too small. So, her is Tessa. Isn't she cute!

And I couldn't help but add this one. Cute Smile!

P.S. I need one more person in my "Pay It Forward" post to make a comment. Come on! It will be so much fun!


Amy said...

Ahh! I got your hubbie's name wrong - I actually thought I checked it in the post because it sounded wrong, but clearly I didn't. Sorry.

Those shoes are dang cute, I want some too. :)

Abbie said...

LOL thats hilarious an anatomically correct baby doll! And of course it would be male, why not ;) Jordyn is so cute we could be best friends with the shoe fettish. my motto is you can neverhave too many pairs of shoes... or purses! LOL

The Brown's said...

Glad you found our blog so that we could stay in touch. Your girls are so cute!!