Monday, February 23, 2009

More of that Puppy Love

On Saturday afternoon we went over to Julie and Jesse's house to play outside with all seven puppies. It was lots of fun, but I think that Jordyn liked them much much better when they were in a box in the house. As long as they weren't biting her pants she was fine. Hopefully she loves the puppy we bring home next week. "NO! NO!" She would say...It was so funny!

Jordyn and Aunt Leslie
Jason drinking a Pepsi with his new dog, no name. Any body have any good ideas for a dog name? It was going to be Quigley, but I think Jason changed his mind.
Jason took this picture. Yes, my eyes are closed. Way to go Honey!


Mandy said...

Sara, no wonder you love to show off your girls. They're beautiful! What blue eyes! Congratulations on your happy life. Mal and I had fun viewing your blog. Say "hi" to your family from both of us.

Amy said...

They are so dang cute! (yes the puppies, yes the children, yes you and your Jared.) Now that you've commented on my blog, you're officially being blogstalked.

Also, I'm pretty sure that we saw Jared at Josh's mission reunion a couple of years ago...any chance of that? It was the Portland, OR mission...seems like it wasn't HIS mission reunion but he was there with a friend or something.....OR I'm making it up and we saw somebody else from PG. :)