Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Thankful For...

Autumn, Applesauce, Adam
Babies, Bottles, Bows, Bed, Books, Blankets, Binkies, Blogs, Breakfast, Book of Mormon
Candy, Camie, Candles, Crayons, Coupons, Christmas
Dad, Dishes, Diapers, Dessert, Doctors, Dreams
Easter, Eggs, Everyday
Friends, Flowers, Fun, Fast Food, Family, Forgiveness
Girls, Giggles, Grass, Grandparents, Giving, Gifts, Gospel, Games
Home, Hope, Heber, Hayden, Help, Happiness, Hugs, Health, Heavenly Father
Ice, Ice Cream, Imaginations
Jason, Jordyn, Jake, Janae, Julie, Jaymie, Jesse, Josh, Jammies, Jason's Job, Jesus Christ
Kara, Kisses, Kindness
Leslie, Lessons Learned, Love
Mom, Megan, Movies, Music, Make-up, Memories, Mornings, Mission
Norah, Nonie, Nuts, Notes
Opportunities, Oceans
People, Pillows, Pink, Pictures
Quilts, Quiet
Rain, Reasons, Repentance
Steven, Soap, Soup, Silliness, School
Tessa, Time-Out, Tissues, Toys, Terry, Tickles, Testimony
Umbrellas, Under ware,
Vacations, Vacuum
Wishes, Weddings
X-Rays (sure, why not?)
Zippers, Zoo
And much much much more!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Jess said...

What a cute idea! (and the J's really made me laugh)

Amy said...

:) This makes me happy.

Katy said...

:D I like those things too

Seth and Karen said...

love the abc thanksfuls. makes me think what'd I'd put on my list....I think i'll have to make one!

Stefanie said...

Cute idea!