Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tell me why I wanted Tessa to move? This morning I took Jason to the bus stop...really early. When I came back I tried hard to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. I'm wondering if I'm coming down with something...but anyway, when the girls woke up I turned on my favorite baby-sitter (the TV) and decided to take a bath. When I got out I found Tessa here. Of course this picture was taken AFTER the child was removed.

Need a closer look?


I put the blanket in the trash. It was soaked. Her pajamas were soaked....and YES! She was chewing dog food. I've been trying hard to love Trigger. I mean, he's fine, I'm just not really a dog person. You know, a have in your house, sleep in your bed, dog person. This reminds me why. (Oh, and Trigger DOES NOT sleep in our case you were worried.)


Anonymous said...

She's your kid.
- Jason

Seth and Karen said...

That's why "our" dog now lives at Grandma's house!

The Larson Family said...

Gross! She would get along well with Aliya, who has eaten delicacies such as wild bunny poop and dead dried up moths. Why is it that babies will eat all that crap, but not take their medicine or eat their baby food?

Katy said...

Hahahahaha My sister ate cat food because she thought it was Cheerios. She turned out ok.