Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well. It's that time of year again. Resolutions. Only, I know that if I call it that I probably won't stick to it. I've been deciding how I wanted to go about this. I thought about starting a new blog just for my goals. I thought about not posting them at all. I haven't really decided what to do yet, but I do know if I don't write about them, I won't stick to them.

Goal #1
Grocery Budget. Last year our Quickbooks said that we spent over $6,000.00 on groceries. WAY TO MUCH FOR ME! So, my goal is to take this coupon thing I've been doing a little more seriously. I plan on only using $50.00, that's right....Fifty Dollars....a week on groceries. I've heard it's possible to include diapers in this, but I'm not that good yet. So, no diapers, but everything else. I'll get cash out of the bank each week and everything extra will go in a special saving account to be used at the end of the year for something TBD.

Goal #2
My Non-Diet. I hate that word....Diet. I've never been good at being healthy. I don't really like to exercise and I LOVE food. So, this one is tricky. I don't want to set any set rules because I'm to afraid that I'll fail...or maybe I'm just to lazy. So, here's the plan, and maybe I'll update it in a few weeks. Portion control, six to eight glasses of water each day, and three or more days of exercise. Wish me luck.

Goal #3
The Spiritual Me. For those of you who don't know, I served an LDS mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before my mission and when I was first home I did so well at studying the scriptures and praying. Now, well....honestly....I suck at it. I really do believe that having a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father is important. Especially as a wife and mother. So, everyday, no matter how many verses, I will find time to read. I will also pray, at least one, by myself, everyday.

So, there you have it. I know it's important for all of us to change and grow. I know that when we do our best our lives will be better. I'm starting school on Thursday, I'm trying to change a few things so that I can become a better person. I challenge you all to set some "goals". It's me, I know.

Happy 2010 and good luck!


mattyanddeidre said...

I think those are great goals! You are so good. I have a hard time making goals for myself because I'm afraid of not meeting them. But I think your goals are very realistic and very achievable! Good luck and I think I will make some goals like this.

Diana and Fam said...

You have some really good goals! I need to write mine down too... too many to choose from though! haha

milly said...

Good luck Sara! You can do it! Hope to bump into you at walmart again sometime!:) lol...

Carolina said...

Buena suerte con las metas!!! son muy importantes, estoy ene eso ahora tambien ,preparando un mural para ponerlas y que no se me olviden!
te quiero