Friday, January 29, 2010

Help Me Feed My Children

Do you know that I hate to cook? I love to eat, but I just don't like cooking. I'm always nervous about how it will turn out, feel like it takes to long, and really could do without the mess at the end. The good news is...I've been trying....kind of. We're really trying to not eat out so much. (It's killing our budget.) Anyway, my new problem is the girls. I just don't know what to feed them. I mean, really, they can only eat Macaroni and Cheese so many nights per week. So, tell me...What do you feed your kids?

Jordyn is two and a half. She doesn't like to touch slimy things, like fruit...but sometimes she'll use a fork. She likes anything sweet. She loves green beans, and cheese, (but not quesadillias) corn dogs, tuna fish sandwiches, and the over eaten Mac and Cheese.

Tessa is one. She is now in the "I don't want baby food stage" but still too little for some big kid stuff. She also likes green beans, mac and cheese, and corn dogs. Pretty much that's all we eat around here.

Any suggestions?


Valerie said...

My kids love to make personal pizzas. I use rhodes rolls and they squash it flat, put on sauce, cheese and what ever else they want. I find my kids are more likely to eat it if they made it. My kids will also eat spaghetti. A lot of the time I make a meal and my kids fill up on the bread part of the meal. But I always make them try what I make. Oh another thing my kids like is grilled cheese and tomato soup. I also make breakfast for dinner a lot because my kids love pancakes and french toast. Hope that helps. Good luck it is such a challenge to get kids to eat.

Jenni said...

Zavian was the pickiest eater for a long time! Is was so hard worrying that he wasn't getting enough good stuff for him. But now he is a pretty good eater. We have been very very persistent in making him try new foods (and not so new foods :)every chance we can. even if he spits it out we make him try it again.

he really likes using a big person fork. the baby ones just don't stab the food well enough and then it falls off. so that helps him try new things too.

our staple meals are- spaghetti, smoothies with fresh fruit and sometimes veggies if i am feeling ambituos, pancakes, salad, scrambled eggs, and ham or bologna sandwiches. Zavian eats most of these things and they are mostly healthy :)

Diana and Fam said...

Oh I feel your pain! My kids too are picky eaters! Here are what my kids eat.
*Ramen Noodles- I love it because I split 1 pkg between them
*Rice -with just butter, salt and pepper
*hot dogs with chips-what kid doesn't like chips right?
*Spaghetti-Syd won't eat mac n cheese but she'll eat this
*Chicken nuggets
*Mashed potatoes-instant are so nice and taste just as good!!!
*check this blog out for stuff kids will eat
*Steamed veggie, my kids won't eat fruit either
*peanut butter and honey or jam
*Pizza rolls
Hope that helps you out. I wish my kids would eat mac n cheese but I really try to rotate food so they don't burn out of them
Good luck!

Katy said...

We've been loving soups lately
taco soup
chicken tortilla soup
chicken noodle soup
vegetable beef soup

They're sometimes a little messy but Ryann likes them and they're mostly healthy and simple to make.

Ryann also likes steamed broccoli, steamed spinach, and steamed cabbage. (I guess I'm lucky not to have a picky eater huh!) Oh and when Ryann was in Tessa's stage, we fed her oatmeal and applesauce almost daily for breakfast and she also loved refried beans/burritos oh and she LOVED noodles. (I could add broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots to her Ramen.)

Diane said...

When we had little ones at home we eat spaghetti once a week and hamburger stew. It is simple with just carrots, potatoes and onions besides the hamburger and my family considers it a comfort food. Tuna noodle casserole was one the kids liked but not Bob. Stir fry is also easy and fast if you buy the frozen vegetables already to go and have chicken breasts in the freezer. Rice is a favorite with my grandchildren and goes with almost anything.

r said...

My kids are really hit and miss. Lucy eats almost anything we give her, but Hazel is as picky as can be. She does, somewhat regularly, eat chicken alfredo, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, fried rice (you can find easy recipes online), and german pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream (especially if I make them in a muffin tin). Most nights we just serve whatever we're having and have her eat 3 bites. That will either spur her on to eat more or show us that she really doesn't like it (or is particularly stubborn at the moment) and we'll get her a pb&j sandwich (that's the only thing she gets if she won't eat what we're having). Good luck! Planning meals is hard and sometimes you won't feel like making what you planned, but it really is worth it, budget and health wise.