Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Updates

The other night Jordyn was SO upset because she wanted her binkie. She kept coming out of her bed and she was crying and crying. Finally Jason and I told her that we didn't want to see her again and that she better stay in her bed. (Good parents, right?) Well, after about 30 minutes of her crying, really....30 minutes, she started to snore. Well, it sounded really close so I got up to check on her and this is where she was. Hallway. Not very comfortable.
Here's our dog Trigger. He's huge.
Jordyn wanted me to take a picture of her "with my baby".
Oh Heber Man. Look how big he is getting. It's so much easier now that he sits up and plays with toys...if Jordyn will leave him alone. He loves to take the toys out of the bucket.
Jason took breakfast a little too far the other day. I had to try really hard to eat these. Oh, in case you couldn't tell....they're eggs.
And, I didn't want to forget Tessa. She's taking a nap right now.

As for Jason and I, we both started school. This will be Jason's last semester, but my first OF MANY. Tax season is just beginning, wish me luck. I'll try to keep my complaining to a minimum.


Joy said...

I love the Randomness. Isn't that how life really is.

Abbie said...

Whats with the green eggs?? Was he feeling a little Dr. Suess-ish...

Katy said...

Oh the binkie! That's really funny that Jordyn slept in the hall. And those are some greeeeen eggs.