Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tessa's Party

Can anyone say SPOILED! We had such a fun time Sunday night. It was fun to watch Tessa, even though she was SO tired. I think it was hard for Jordyn, but she was a good sport.

Here's Tessa "own little cake" that Kara made. Isn't this cake GREAT! My sister, Kara, works as the manager in the Walmart bakery by Lone Peak High School. She does a great job!

Hayden, Jordyn, and Jake...enjoying some cake! The Birthday Girl!

We are so grateful to everyone who came. Tessa got lots of fun gifts. We have such a great family. Plus, there were lots of us here to celebrate Tessa's big NUMBER ONE! (Grandpa and Grandma Halladay. Julie, Jesse, and Heber. Kara. Jaymie and Adam. Leslie and Josh. Gammy and Papa T. Nonie, Janae, Camie, Hayden, and Jake.) What an awesome crowd!



Katy said...

Wow! What a lucky li'l one year old!

Diana and Fam said...

I love the 1 yr old birthday party! So fun! The cake is so cute!

The Larson Family said...

Those are some awesome cakes! And Tessa is totally adorable too. Happy birthday Tessa!

Stefanie said...

Wow can't believe she's a year old already! Great cakes!