Thursday, December 31, 2009


So, I'm a super junky Mom and I only took three pictures on Christmas morning...and these are it. Christmas was so fun. Jordyn was so year will be even better. (Am I already thinking about next year?)

The first thing Jordyn noticed was the shampoo in her stocking. "Look Daddy! Soap!" She had fun opening EVERY ONE'S presents. She would jump up and down saying "Hurray! Hurray!" She was spoiled!

Tessa had fun too. She loved the orange from her stocking the best! She was cute to watch. She kept getting frustrated that she couldn't get the presents unwrapped. She loved watching Jordyn. The more excited Jordyn got the more excited Tessa got.
We now have plenty to play with for the next year. Dress-ups, barbies, games, little people, bears, rings and bracelets, ponies, babies, and much much more. Plus, I didn't even mention the new clothes. What a great family we have! Our daughters are two very spoiled little girls!

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