Monday, December 7, 2009

Breakfast With Santa

I love Christmas. I love the magic of Santa and the spirit of Christ. I remember growing up and different Christmas times. I remember being so excited for Santa to come. My sisters and I would get up at like three or four in the morning and just sit downstairs staring at our gifts. I remember Grandma and Grandpa Halladay coming over to watch us open our gifts. I loved Santa....still do....I just have a different relationship with him now. :)
Saturday at the church we had Breakfast with Santa. Obviously Tessa was very excited. You should have heard her screaming! It probably scared all the other kids in line. Poor baby. I'm a mean mom. I just wanted one picture...and this is the one I got.Jordyn stuck around a little longer. Only because she recognized Mrs. Clause as Ryann's grandma. Here are the cutie girls! Ryann, Jordyn, Lucy, and Tessa. SO CUTE!
My little miss Tessa. Look at her hair! It's getting so long. She's almost one. I can hardly believe it. (You can see Jordyn is this same shirt at Breakfast with Santa one year ago HERE.)
Daddy and the girls.

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Matthew + Lynzi said...

cute! I love Christmas, don't you? Go Santa! The girls are gurgeous!