Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Growing Up

Sometimes when I get mad or frustrated at Jordyn I tell Jason the she is HIS daughter. Today I'll claim her, or at least share her...

So after bath time I usually put a diaper on Jordyn really quick (sometimes not, but that usually results in pee on my floor) and then I move on to Tessa. After I finished getting Tessa all dressed and her hair done I went to find Jordyn.

She ended up being in my room...putting on my clothes. I was just cracking up. "Look Mom," she said, "I dress like you. We're the same."
Everyday she amazes me with the things she says. I can't believe how quickly she learns. The things that come out of her mouth really crack me up. Like the other day, after I finished decorating the house, she looked up at a snowman I had put on one of Jason's deer antlers and said, "Get you thing off my Daddy's Bambi!" I was just laughing so hard.
Anyway, I love her.

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Jessica Havican said...

I can't believe how much she is talking either. It seemed like the last time I saw her (before Ashley's Shower) that she wasn't saying as much. Now she's talking up a storm and so articulate. What fun that must be!!