Friday, December 11, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Today I ran to Wal-mart for baby food....This is what happens when we go during nap time. I was just cracking up, and every person (old lady) that walked by just had to "Ahhhh" at them. She had slobber all over her coat. Because she was a good girl she got to choose one box of fruit snacks. Can't get any better than sleeping!


Lindsey said...

Too funny! I love it! Way to have a camera handy. :)

Visitor said...

Is the box of fruit snacks already open? On both ends?

Silly girl. She cracks me up.

Love, Nonie

Jessica Havican said...

hehehe That must've made for an easier then usual shopping trip. :-)

Diana and Fam said...

Too funny and cute! haha