Saturday, January 1, 2011

Four Kisses

Happy New Years!
I am so excited for this new year, even though I have yet to sit down and write my goals. I worry too much about failure. So, I'm sitting on the goals for a few days. By now I bet you're wondering about "Four Kisses". You see, every night before bed we brush our teeth and say our prayers. Then we get together and give each other a kiss at the same time. This is called "four kisses". The girls love it, and so do we. Tonight we went to my Parent's house for some steak. Yum! The kids played with toys and the older kids worked on a puzzle. (This time the puzzle matched the box.) We all stayed up until mid-night. The girls did AWESOME! And here we are....the first "four kisses" of the year.
And here we are...One tired family!Even Heber made is until midnight. What a kid.Houston on the other hand, rang in the new year all tucked away in his car seat. He was ready for bed and by 12:01 so were the rest of us.The night was fun. And to all you blog readers.....I hope this New Year brings you many laughs, more smiles, and great times with family and friends.

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Amy said...

Four kisses melts my heart. So so sweet!