Monday, January 10, 2011

Pink Eye

This morning we had to use hot towels to clean ours eyes. I said to my Mom, "Do you think she has pink eye?" and Jordyn said, "My eye is not pink. It is white!" Silly kid. I was hoping Tessa wouldn't get sick, but this morning she woke up all stuck together and gross. My poor babies! It was so sad listening to Tessa cry, "My eyes. My eyes."
I think this picture says it all. This was pretty soon after she woke up.This is about an hour after Tessa woke up, so she looks better.This is about half an hour after the last pictures. So, the day is getting better as we go along. Here's hoping the eye drops work quickly. Somebody will be pretty sad if they have to miss preschool and dance this week.


Amy said...

Ugh - I hope it moves on quickly!

Hilary said...

Ouch! They look so miserable. I hope they feel better soon!