Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Ah the thrill of a nice trip to the grocery store. The last few months we've been using what we had and not really stocking up on anything. But today, oh the joy! I know, I'm a dork. But who would pass up Finish dishwasher soap for $0.74 a box! My total was around $127 before store discounts and coupons. I ended up spending around $43. (That's like $0.83 per item.)
Jason will be so happy when he finds the white chocolate Flipz and the Sobe, I'm happy about the paper plates and dressings, and the girls were SUPER excited about the Goldfish Crackers.
Happy Shopping! On my side bar there is a link to Grocery Smarts. A lot of the deals were great even without coupons. Oh, I went to Smiths. You'd need to know that. Duh!

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Lindsey said...

Good work! Did you just love the thrill again. :) Oh, how I wish we had Smiths out here! I'm doing the drugstore game pretty hardcore and I'm jealous of your dishwasher detergent because I have a raincheck for it at CVS and I hope it comes before my 14 coupons expire.