Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reasons To Blog

I've been thinking hard. I've been looking everywhere. I'm having a hard time coming up with reasons to blog. So... here are some pictures to look at. On YouTube I search "hair braiding" and I learned how to do this.

Went to Smith's again today. I spent $43.35 and saved $76.17. The toothpaste was $0.23 each, the Dove Deodorant was FREE and the butter was $0.69 each. AWESOME! Plus, I transferred two prescriptions and received $50 in free groceries.

Tonight we're going to the ward basketball game. Maybe I'll take pictures and blog about that.

Come on... Somebody ask me something. I'll be honest. I need something to blog about.


Jessica Havican said...

Oooh I like those braids! And tell Jordyn I love her model pose (the first one) :)

If you need ideas for what to blog about. I have friend that will write about ten things that made her happy that week. A good way to count your blessings!

Rachey-Foo said...

ok, i started this blog challenge but enver actually finished. it was interesting and then kinda hard because it made me really think and express myself. anyway, i'll add a link so you can see if you want to do it. oh, were you able to log back on to our blog? just wondering. ;)

Rachey-Foo said...