Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 01 - Introduce Yourself

Technically this is still Day 1, but I only have 28 minutes. It's been a long day. You see, Fridays at my house is cleaning day. Plus tonight I did the ironing. 18 shirts later, I'm ready to tell you all about myself.

I was born in Payson, only because that's where my Mom's doctor was. They brought me home to Pleasant Grove and that is pretty much where I've stayed. In high school I loved singing and FBLA. I served a mission in Argentina. I met Jason at Blockbuster (more on that later) and we got married on 06-06-06. Seriously.

I like chocolate, movies, and those bean bag things you heat up in the microwave. I love my family, the gospel, a clean house, sleeping in, chicken and rice that my Mom makes, and hanging out with grownups. (Barbies and Barney don't quite do it for me.) I hate ironing (thus the 18 shirts) cooking, because it never turns out, and when people stop right in front of me when I'm walking.

Hobbies: I love to blog. I'd like to think I can write, but mostly I just amuse myself with all of my ramblings. I enjoy reading, especially cheesy "mormon" books. I used to like to scrapbook, but I don't like getting all of my stuff out. I like playing games...Ticket to Ride, anything on the Wii, cards, you Oh, and who could forget couponing?

Bad Habits: I'm obsessively organized. I probably watch too much TV. I yell at my kids, way too much. Sometimes I run my dishwasher when it's not full just so all of the dishes will be clean. I count the toys when I'm putting them away. That way I know if any are missing. When I drive from my house to my Mom's I don't usually buckle my kids. (I know - TERRIBLE mother.)

Secret Obsessions: Dawson's Creek. Taco Amigo bean burritos dipped in fry sauce. Red Lobster. Spending money on other people. The clearance table at Seagull Book. (I guess they're not a secret anymore.)

Okay. There you have it. Me in a post.


adriana said...

Que linda Sarita! me encanta poder saber de tus cosas! bellisima tu familia ! y se ven muy felices!

r said...

I do the dishwasher thing too! It was really fun to read about you, Sarah.

Liz said...

I'm impressed that you iron shirts at all! I cheat and pull things out of the dryer early. Poor Dan just has to deal with ironing it himself if that's not good enough... ;)

Jessica Havican said...

Two things that made me chuckle because I am the same way. I hate when people stop in front of me when I'm walking (especially when there is no other way for me to get around them). And I really love to spend money on people too. If I could, I would spoil everyone I know with a gift once a month, but of course we don't have that kind of money so I just try to compliment people or bring them treats or babysit as often as I can.

Stefanie said...

Wait - is it bad to run the dishwasher when it's not full? :)