Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Holiday - Besides Christmas

It's true. I love Christmas more. But Valentine's Day is my all time *second* favorite holiday. Did you know that Jason proposed on Valentine's Day? Yup. He did.

Jason swore he would never do such a thing on Valentine's Day. He hates all of the commercialism. I LOVE IT! My dilemma? Every year I get my hopes up for something, anything. I want a date with flowers, and a gift, and dinner, and some making out in the car afterwards. Every year I lie and pretend I don't want any of that stuff, all while secretly hoping that I'll be surprised.

I think I expect too much. I think.

This year, like every year, we're in tax season. ((TAX SEASON IS STUPID!)) Jason is busy. He really is. Tonight he is going on a camp out thing with the young men in our ward. Grrrr! I'm trying to pretend like I don't care, but I do. We don't see him that much around here. Tax season, remember?

Tomorrow night we're going on a Valentine's date as a family. The girls miss him as much as I do. Case in point: Tessa is sitting at my feet at this very moment crying for Daddy. So, family date it is.

But still, I'm hoping for flowers.

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Amy said...

I hope you got it all! :)