Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 03 - Your Parents

My parents met on a blind date. My Dad wore bell bottoms and cowboy boots. My Mom fell in love, my Dad fell harder.

My Mom grew up in Spanish Fork, Utah. She misses it there, a lot I think. I should move there just so she could come and visit. My Mom's Mom had rheumatoid arthritis and was pretty sick most of her life. I watched my Mom take care of her, and after she passed away, I watched my her take care of my Grandpa. (He died of Lung Cancer a couple weeks before Jason and I got married.) My Mom is awesome.

My Dad grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah. My Grandma made him wear brown correction shoes while he marched in the high school band...everyone else wore white. He's a hard worker. He is also, like my Mom, a great example of service. He took care of my Grandma before she died and he takes care of my Grandpa now. I know it's hard for him. But he loves them. My Dad is da bomb.

Together they have been married for 25 years. They are great parents/grandparents. They love all of us. Would do anything for us. Are always taking care of us. Today, Jordyn wanted to take some papers she colored to "show my family" and Jason said, "I'm your family, show me." She told him that she wanted to "show my family that really loves me." She's right. She knows that her grandparents love her!

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Kira Dee said...

I love your parents!! They are awesome :)