Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 12 - What's In Your Bag

I have these bags. Lots of them. And they are all tied neatly in the middle. Currently there is nothing in them, but soon enough each one will be filled with a very stinky diaper.

These are my extra diaper bags. They are empty.

This is my church bag. It is full of my primary stuff.
The striped bag is my temple bag and the white one has the DVD player that we take in the car sometimes.

This is my current diaper bag. It has wipes and diapers.

And this one. This is where all the good stuff is. I hope you're ready for this...
This is it. All the loot.

Side one: Jordyn's underwear, some napkins from IHOP, two things of dental floss, an umbrella, some singular for Tessa, insurance cards and immunization records, shout wipes, my keys, tic tacs, Viking cards - the kids ones, 5 dollars that someone put in my purse, hand sanitiser, a gum wrapper, and the start of the pens.
Side two: My camera bag, a sample of birth control, some envelops with coupons, some receipts, a coin purse thing, my planner, my wallet, two thumb drives, 3 pantyliners, and 16 pens.

Entertaining. Right?


Amy said...

Holy smokes bag lady!!!

Amy said...

Whoa - I wans't done - sorry. What a great bag to have around! It's CUTE and full of good stuff. :D