Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 13 Day 14 & Day 15

This Week
Ugh! This week was long and stressful and happy and fun all at the same time. Monday morning started off pretty normal. Julie brought the boys over for me to tend. My house was clean. I got up early so I was ready before the crazy day started. Well, Houston was sick and I met Julie at the doctors office and took the girls and Heber to McDonalds to wait. Turns out, Houston was much more sick than we were hoping and was sent right to the hospital. Heber stayed with us until Thursday night. It was a little stressful and crazy, but oh so worth it. I was glad to help. Wednesday night I cleaned the dance studio. Thursday I went to preschool with Jordyn. And today, according to Jordyn we went on a wonderful second date (to the mall to buy new earrings) and she was sad that Daddy missed out. Then, tonight Jason and I helped Terry (Jason's Dad) clean their rental.

What You Wore Today
Because I'm a day late, this seems much harder than it should be. Um, I wore jeans and a purple shirt with a black cardigan. Yep. That's all I remember.

Your First Kiss
My real first kiss was in eighth grade playing spin the bottle in Travis Allen's basement. ((Don't tell my parents.)) The first kiss that I count as my first kiss was in Florida one night when Noah kissed me. BUT, the most important first kiss was on Christmas Day 2005. You see, Jason and I started dating on December 2nd. I was so afraid to kiss him because I knew that would make our relationship "serious" and I wasn't sure if I was ready for that. Well, actually, I guess I knew that had something great, and we were destined to be together...and that scared me. A lot.

For Christmas I got Jason a new watch. Something else I can't remember. And some mistletoe. We were in the basement at the Hunter house and Jason went for it...and I stopped him. Yup! I totally set him up for failure. I was a BAD girlfriend. I was scared, remember? Well, Jason walked me to my car a little while after that and the rest is history. That means we kissed, a lot, in case you didn't know.


Diana and Fam said...

Long weeks are so hard. :(
Julie is lucky to have you so that it all worked out to have Heber be taken care of. RSV is no fun but at least it was caught and he is being taken care of. Davis got RSV at a week old and we had to spend a week in the hospital. Not fun but glad he got better. I will continue to keep Heber in my prayers.

Stefanie said...

The kiss thing is awesome! You totally shut the poor guy down!
Glad Houston is doing better now!