Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Best Of The Best

I've been sitting at the computer for over an hour making a list of my favorite things from this past year. I've only cried about a hundred times because I've been reading through all my old blog posts. Seriously! I'm one lucky girl. So here's the list...

In January I started back in school. I only went for one semester and I only took two classes, but it was challenging and pushed me. After that one semester I decided that it's just not the right time in my life for school, but one day I'll make it back. After a few months of physical therapy Tessa took her first steps. We also had Tessa's first birthday party, even though her birthday was in December.

In February Jason and I went to the Hunting Expo and spent the night in Salt Lake for Valentine's Day. We really enjoy our little mini vacations and wish we could take more...

In March I caught Heber stealing cupcakes from the garbage can. Silly kid. I've really missed watching him these last few weeks. He's so funny and cute, and really growing up. We also went to Discovery Gateway. It was fun, but I decided that I'm NEVER paying to get in.

In April my sister Jaymie got married.

In May Jason graduated from the University of Utah with his Masters. WOOT! It was a long road, but he did it. I am so proud of him. We also went to the Zoo.

In June Jason and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. Lucky us! We also finished our front yard. It took forever, but it was worth all of the work.

July was a hard month for us. We had to say goodbye to Jason's brother Steven. He went to Afghanistan. We're so proud of him and the service he is giving to our Country. We love you Steve! We also celebrated Jason's 27th birthday.

In August Jordyn had her 3rd birthday. We celebrated with a family party at Grandma Sue Sue's and a friend party at home. We also went to Park City for a quick overnight trip...Jordyn broke her collar bone.

September was my birthday -28- and Jason took me to see the Lion King at the Capital Theater. Jordyn started pre-school and dance. She loves both very much and is always asking, "What day is today?"

In October we went Trick-O-Treating.

November was filled with lots of fun. We took a three night vacation to Park City (we go there a lot). We had Thanksgiving with the Hunter family, the girls fit into their miracle Christmas dresses.

And finally December. This has been a busy month for us. We had five family parties. Jason went to Chicago for a work conference. Jordyn sat on Santa's lap. Jason had his wisdom teeth pulled. I got the "viral flu" - what ever the heck that is. Santa came. We went to a cabin with the Hunter's and Tessa had her second birthday. Oh, Jordyn had her first dance recital and our second nephew and first niece were born one week apart.

What a great year! We've been blessed with many great and happy times and not too many sad ones. We've been stressed. We've worked hard. We've relaxed and had fun. Here's hoping the next year is just as great, and maybe a little better.

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noniepony said...

Looks like we had the same idea: to do a little recap of the year, although yours is much more organized. (ha.ha.) It's fun to go back and remember everything that happened. I can't believe how fast the girls have "grown up." Tessa isn't a baby anymore! Noooo!
Happy New Year!