Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just In Case You Didn't Know

Jordyn told me the other day, "I know Jesus loves me, but he only sorta loves Tessa because sometimes she's naughty."

We have 170 children's books on our bookshelf right now. I'm not kidding. I just counted them. Ask Jason...he thinks I'm nuts!

Last night I stayed up until 1:30 am baking bread (six loaves) and NONE of them turned out!

I love Netflix because I get to watch shows like Zena the Warrior Princess, Hercules, and Lois & Clark the New Adventures of Superman.

Jordyn would eat Pop tarts for every meal and Tessa would eat chips, if I would let them.

We drink at least 5 gallons of milk at our house every week. This is not an exaggeration!

Tessa doesn't take naps in her bed any more, but the past few days she has climbed up on my lap, told me she's tired, and gone to sleep. Usually this happens around 5:00 in the afternoon.

We want more kids. Most of the time.

Jordyn cried very hard today when Jason told her that her punishment for not listening was going without Dora...It was heartbreaking.

On Saturday Jason and I were talking about going to Costco to buy diapers. He looked over at Tessa and told her it was time to learn to use the potty. She said okay, took of her pants and diaper, got up on the toilet and WENT! No joke.


Lindsey said...

Love love love post. I especially got a good laugh out of the last one. Keep us posted on her progress!

Julia said...

Your blog is so entertaining! Thanks for the fun. Love your pictures. Love ya, Julia

Jessica Havican said...

I love random posts! I love how witty Jordyn is and how fast Tessa catches on to things. That's amazing that she got onto pottying on the toilet. You got lucky that she skipped the whole process. It must help having an older sister that she can look to as an example. Cute kids, I agree you should have more! ;)

Katy said...

Wow about Tessa's potty training! Jason must have used a magic wand at the same time. And Jordyn's ideas about Jesus' love make me laugh.

noniepony said...

I love how Jord and Tess are a constant source of entertainment. They make me laugh so hard. I miss you guys!

Diana and Fam said...

Take the potty training start and run with it!! That is such a dream! So cool!

Jamee Fuller said...

I love Lois and Clark. I admit that I have all of the episodes on DVD. Also, I am kind of bitter about Tessa going to the potty. I still can't convince my child that she should give it a go. So happy about the new posts!